How long is your course?

Our Class A course is 120 hours and runs for three weeks.

What are the requirements to attend ABCDL Truck Driving Academy, LLC?

Requirements include the following:
- Completing an Enrollment Agreement
- Possessing a valid driver's license
- Possessing a Department of Transportation physical examination
- Possessing a valid Class A CDL Permit
- Meeting the requirements of the Motor Carrier Federal Safety Regulations, and Section 391

Qualifications of Drivers

Must have a clean driving record. Specifically, no DWI/DUI violations within the last five years; no more than 3 moving violations in a three-year period with no more than two in the past year.

What type of equipment will I be training on?

Training includes on-line videos and hands-on training with our commercial trucks.

Do you teach manual and automatic shifting?

Our hands-on training includes both.

I would need help paying for school. Is that available?

There are grants and financing options available for those who qualify. For more details, call the office.

Does ABCDL Truck Driving Academy help me find a job?

Yes, we can assist you in finding a job.

Frequently asked questions about CDLs

Are there any opportunities for women in the trucking industry?

Yes, there are many opportunities for women in the truck industry, and many carriers heavily recruit women drivers.

I want to be a truck driver, but I don’t want to leave home for extended periods of time. Would I have to go over the road?

No, there are many local and regional job opportunities that allow you to take short trips and/or be home nightly.

I have a CDL license, but I have not driven on the road for some time, so companies will not hire me. How can you help?

We have a one week refresher course that will make you job-ready.